Amazing Science Wiki is a part of the which allows anyone to start a community website which grows its database on any specific topic(chosen at time of creating the site) by its community members and users. Anyone anonymous, or logged in is allowed to contribute in whatever way possible.

Every wiki functions with the help of collaboration between the users and its community. Every editor and user is to adhere with the community consensus and follow the policies of the website before starting editing.

Since it's a community no one is allowed to freely do anything as they want. Though we allow complete freedom on our wiki to edit articles and actively participate in debates but making an attempt to do something here which hurts someone's sentiments or is abusive is never tolerated. See our policies.

Amazing Science Wiki is a website that focuses on providing an encyclopaedia of science and also teach science. We have two types of pages: Encyclopaedic pages and Lesson pages. These two aren't any specific categories. In fact, we don't have any category page titled "Encyclopaedic pages". When a user creates an article/page, it should always be kept in mind that the page is being made(usually) in encyclopaedic format. It is only a few selected editors, deemed as experts, who are allowed to make Lesson pages.

There are many Sub-policies in our wiki policy, which you will find on our wiki policy page. Remember policies are not only restrictions on user activity and behaviour but it also is a help guide to our users. So you should always come to the policy page if you need help editing or something. The best possible and understandable way of help is from our user members who are always there to help you. So, you can contact any user registered on our wikia on their message wall.

Main PageEdit

The main page is used to exhibit what's happening on our wiki and feature the latest activity going on the wiki. It is simply(well, mostly) used to attract users to indulge in. A main page with no format usually doesn't attract anyone. A main page is just like a homepage.


We have a monthly(plus daily) newsletter which keeps you updated with all sorts of changes made on our wiki. It is just like a diary entry which keeps track and record of the activities that happened in every month. It also keeps a track of scientific discoveries and research going at the latest and publishes articles related to them. Currently our wiki only has 2 users so we don't have any particular editors other the admins. Drakenkaul is the current chief editor. Click here to see the newsletter.

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