Nobody has ever been able to answer the meaning of science through simple words. Many have tried to explain it through situaitons, problems and experiment s.

Perhaps science began when early humans, more than a million years ago, picked up rocks and chipped them to form stone tools. They noticed that a particular type of rock produced a cleaner, sharper edge than other types. This was one of the first trial-and-error series of experiments. Gradually other kinds of rocks were tested and found to be even better. Basically, even today the modern scientists approach each experiment in science like this only. This is known as the Scientific Method .

Science is the study of basic phenomena's and composition of matter in the universe . How things move? What are they made of? Why did a ball stop rolling after soemtime on ground?

Real way of Approach in​ Science(Discoveries and Inventions)Edit

Science is not always logical and sensible, moving forwards in small, tried-and-tested stages. People have sudden insights and flashes of inspiration that can cause a scientific revoltuion . For example, Isaac Newton supposedly had his ideas about gravity when an apple fell nearby, perhaps even on his head. This simple event led to his theory of universal gravitation. It was so important that it formed a new foundation for the physical sciences for more than three and a half centuries.

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