Some pages on this wiki are called as Update Standard Pages( or Standard <subject> pages), these pages need an assigned writer and need to be constantly updated according to the standard international definition changes. For example, Scientific Names page is a Standard Biology pages. This means that this page should be updated as soon as the assigned writer finds it in the data records of the Scientific Names' Standard List. Now you ask what is an assigned writer?

Update Standard pages can also include those pages which are under the control of Amazing Science Wiki Policies.

Assigned Writer Edit

An assigned writer is a user who is assigned the task to constantly update an "Update Standard Page" in accord with the changes that are done in the Standard list or Rules. Assigned Writer is an exclusive concept of Amazing Science wiki. The need for the assigned writers was realised due to the emergence of the concept of Update Standard Pages. Each Assigned Writer is chosen on the basis of his/her dedication by the admins but before admins choose an Assigned writer(or AWRT in short) it is also required for the users to present their name in their Assigned Writer's Proposal List(AWPL) below the respected page's name.

List of Update Standard Pages Edit

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